Combine WordPress Menus Dynamically on Mobile Devices

Many WordPress themes and designs have a main menu that contains the bulk of navigation links and a secondary menu that contains some other variety of links. With a responsive website we need to figure out what to do with these two WordPress menus when on a mobile device since we don’t want to be […]

Passing Contact Form 7 Data to the Thank You Page

UPDATE (12/31/17): Contact Form 7 has deprecated the use of ‘on_sent_ok’ as of the end of 2017. Please see my new guide on the DOM Events Method of Passing Contact Form 7 Data that will cover this exact same topic using the new preferred method. I recently had to use Contact Form 7 for a […]

Change Genesis Footer Text

Whether you are using the default Genesis Framework or a Genesis child theme, you will probably see text in the footer that contains a link back to studiopress or the theme author that you will want to edit. This can easily be done using either action or filter hooks in the functions.php file depending on […]