Display Results of a Specific Taxonomy for a CPT

You’ve made your custom post type (CPT) and you’ve added a custom taxonomy to your CPT. Now you want to actually display the data in that specific taxonomy on a page. You can do this with a query that is very similar to a standard custom post type loop, but it will have some additional […]

Add a Custom Taxonomy to a Custom Post Type

We’ve previously gone over how to setup a custom post type and output the data, but now we’ll take that guide a step further and go over how to setup a custom post type with a custom taxonomy. If you are wondering what a taxonomy is, then you can think of it as a way […]

WordPress Custom Post Type Loop

Custom Post Types are incredibly useful for setting up data structures in the best way possible for any project and they help keep the admin area organized and easy to update. When it comes to displaying your custom post type loop though, it has some differences compared to the default post loop. Seeing as a […]

DOM Events Method of Passing Contact Form 7 Data

I had previously written a post on Passing Contact Form 7 Data to the Thank You Page, but this method of passing the form data with “on_sent_ok” in the additional settings tab is being deprecated and will be abolished at the end of 2017. The reason that Contact Form 7 is making this change is […]

Weekly Repeating Countdown Timer with Javascript

While in most instances a regular one-time countdown timer will be all you need, I wanted to go over how to make the more complicated repeating countdown timer. This can be very useful in certain situations as I recently found out when I needed to make a countdown timer for a blog. The blog had […]

Get City and State from Zip Code with Google Geocoding API

People already don’t like filling out forms so keeping the forms as short and simple as possible is key to getting higher conversion rates. Addresses are one area where we can simplify the forms with a little help from the Google Maps Geocoding API. This API makes it possible for us to easily grab a […]

Remove or Customize the WordPress Welcome Email

The wordpress welcome email that new users receive is very bare bones and comes across mechanical and somewhat unwelcoming. The subject line of “[site] Your username and password info” is sure to not stir any excitement in the user about joining your site. The contents that merely list the username, password, and website url don’t […]

Allow Only Numeric Input in a Textbox with JQuery

When creating any sort of javascript or jQuery based numeric calculator or other type of form, you may need to make sure that you allow only numeric input in one or more fields to get proper results. I’ve seen people try and write in commas for really large numbers and even just enter accidental alphabetic […]

Fade In Elements on Scroll with JQuery

Adding in the little finishing touches to a website can take it to another level. Subtle animations can help highlight items, draw the eye, and just make the page more engaging. These effects may look really fancy and complicated, but with the jQuery script I will provide below, you’ll be able to easily add fade […]

Restrict Gravity Forms Datepicker Date Ranges

The gravity forms datepicker doesn’t have any built-in options to customize the date ranges that users can pick from. This can result in the possibility for invalid dates being chosen and also makes for a more difficult user experience. Fortunately, we can restrict the gravity forms datepicker date ranges with some simple javascript code. It’s […]